Organizers of 2020’s May Day Actions Are Planning a People’s Strike for June 1

Jump-started by Cooperation Jackson co-founder and co-director Kali Akuno, a People’s Strike was announced on April 1 to inspire working-class people to think deeply about their futures and come to a shared commitment that concessions from power must be demanded, are worth struggling for and that steps must be taken to prepare materially for that struggle.

From now until further notice, on the first day of every month, the People’s Strike will birth a program of coordinated actions from coast to coast.

Actions planned across the country for Monday, June 1, will be themed around their housing justice demand, reducible to three main pillars:

    1. Housing is a Human Right
    2. Decommodify Housing Now
    3. Open all available housing stock to those who need it now.

The People’s Strike provides the infrastructure and a shared home to kindred organizers who also wish to focus on preparation for the coordination and execution of a global general strike.

The People’s Strike has already been endorsed by Black Socialists in America, Red Bloom, Black Alliance for Peace, Black Workers for Justice, The Red Nation, Moms 4 Housing/Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, Pan-African Community Action, New Orleans Workers Group, National Lawyers Guild, Palestinian Youth Movement, Danby Road Cooperative, Harlem Solidarity and Defense, Take Back the Bronx, First Strike and the Center for Critical Thought.

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