Tight-knit Colfax community combats open-burn pit: ‘We are the flush toilet…’

COLFAX, Louisiana – The drive to Terry Brown’s farm is peaceful and scenic no matter which route one takes. The Central Louisiana roadside is lined with woodlands, pecan groves, vast open fields and, nearer to the Browns, a well-kept horse farm.

The 71-year-old Colfax native planted 50,000 daffodil bulbs in fields where watermelons and cotton used to grow. He remembers picking cotton as a child as part of his chores and the sharp end of the bolls stinging his fingers bloody. In the spring, the field nearest the Browns’ house is a solid blanket of flowers.

“I used to have more daffodils, but the pocket gophers like the bulbs,” Brown said. “Have you ever seen them? They’re a wood rat looking thing that’s got teeth like a squirrel.”

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