n election night, 2008, Kali Akuno and Sacajawea Hall were at the CNN building in Atlanta watching the results. Akuno remembers walking back to where they were staying in a quasi-fugue state brought on by the political shock of his life. 

“America done actually let a Negro win the election,” he said. “I never thought I’d see the day. Okay, well, we said ‘Never’ and never is now happening.”

Suddenly a truck rolled up on them.

“A white boy drives up and says, ‘Niggers go home!’ and I thought, ‘I’m still in America,’” he explained with a soft laugh. 

In the weeks that followed, Akuno had an eye on the dramatic spike in gun sales around the country between election night and inauguration day. “That’s when I started blogging at Navigating the Storm and telling people, ‘There’s going to be a reaction. Certain forces are not going to let this stand.’”

Fast forward to our current political season of ravenous, cutthroat gerrymandering and precedent-gutting Supreme Court decisions paving the way for permanent minority rule. Akuno, still watching, still writing, recently published two essays on the future before us: “Shifting Focus: Organizing for Revolution, Not Crisis Avoidance” (with co-authors Brian Drolet and Doug Norberg), and “Some Thoughts on What Can Be Done to withstand the Neo-Confederate/Neo-Fascist Conquest of Power.”

In the second piece, Akuno not only warns of imminent authoritarian control in the US, but predicts it will happen by January 2025.

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