Pie Theater Grottesco Review by Frances Madeson

Pie. It’s such a loaded concept. So many associations. Easy as, American as, in the face, in the sky, home for singing blackbirds. It’s how we chart proportion, who has what, measure equity. It’s been thoroughly explored in theatrical terms by that genius Stephen Sondheim in Sweeney Todd. Is there anything left to say about pie?

Well, of course there is, there’s always more to say about everything, even pie is not finite. But let’s bracket the question, because the new devised theater piece by Theater Grottesco, though named Pie, is not about desserts, just or otherwise. It’s about precursors to creation, and voids of leadership, and grieving losses, and …

It takes its imaginative and thematic leap from science visionary Carl Sagan who famously wrote: “If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”

Making and inventing is what Grottesco’s been doing for the past 34 years, so conceiving a 90-minute composite glimpse into a pie-possible universe should be a snap, right?

Turns out it’s not so easily accomplished, though the phenomenally multi-talented company has devoted their artistic energies for the last two years to puzzling over it.

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