‘Playing Outside in Poison’

“Those emissions have been coming at us for the last fifty years and continue to come from the Denka DuPont plant in LaPlace,” Taylor added, referring to the largest town in St. John’s. “Every household has lost loved ones to cancer or autoimmune disease, and now they’re getting younger and younger because their exposure starts earlier.”

Alarmingly, less than 1,500 feet from the plant is an elementary school, which has students from kindergarten to fourth grade.

“When our children are at their most fragile,” Taylor noted. “They are playing outside in poison.” Without immediate action by the parish to move the youngsters out of harm’s way, she warned, “these kindergarten students won’t make it into their twenties.”

Taylor’s group, the Concerned Citizens of St. John Parish, has been sounding the alarm for four years: “we’ve begged, pleaded, screamed and demanded that our communities come together with our public officials to save our children.”

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